In the face of drastic changes in technology and international relations, all countries realize that in order to survive and develop in the context of the 4th industrial revolution and globalization, it is necessary to have a strong education to create a high competitive human resource. With that goal, the countries have been implementing education reform in which the issue of developing the capacity of learners is especially focused.

In order to meet the requirements of preparing human resources to better serve the industrialization and modernization of the country, enhancing cooperation and competitiveness capability for international integration, Vietnam is implementing Basic and comprehensive education innovation (according to Resolution No. 29-NQ / TW, Session XI), in which an important innovation direction is to develop learners' competence. According to this orientation, the Ministry of Education and Training has implemented curriculum innovation at all educational levels, renewed the assessment, fostered the training of managers and teachers, and prepared the implementation conditions.

Changing education towards competence - based education and in the context of the Revolution 4.0 and globalization has brought many opportunities but also triggered many challenges for the education system which should require awareness and practice properly.

From the above demand, Vietnam Institute of Educational Science organizes an international scientific workshop: "Competence-based education in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution and globalization: Opportunities and Challenges".

The workshop is conducted with the hopeness to create a forum for researchers, lecturers, teachers, educational managers, experts to exchange and share theoretical issues, international trends and experiences on Competence - based education in general and in particular in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution and globalization; orient the remaining issues that need further research in the future and propose solutions for Vietnamese education.