Conference Contents

The conference welcomes participants working on diverse aspects relating to the three major strands of themes:

  1. Situation of high-quality human resources of Vietnam, particularly, in IT area in the context of Industry 4.0;
  2. Situation of conditions for the development of high quality human resources;
  3. Trends of Internationalization of Higher Education: Opportunities and Challenges.

Three mentioned strands of themes, include, but not limited to, issues such as:

  • Policies on financing, the development of high-quality human resources;
  • Forecast of high-level human resources development from the higher education;
  • Human resources in IT area in Vietnamese universities;
  • Foreign investment and international cooperation in research and training between institutions of higher education;
  • Curriculum in the context of internationalization of higher education;
  • International joint training programs among institutions of higher education;
  • Research and international publications among institutions of higher education;
  • Internship programs and international trainings for students;
  • Management of higher education;
  • English and Internationalization of higher education;
  • Human resource development for higher education, the preparation of qualified lecturers and managers;
  • Financing and autonomy of higher education;
  • Accreditation and quality assurance with international standards;
  • The forms of cooperation and partnership with international universities, and the prospects of establishing international based campuses.